My first City to Surf (2011)

This was an entry from last year, when I joined City 2 Surf for the first time.

As I write this blog my legs are sprawled all over the bed. Every couple of minutes I stand, walk around and stretch my legs in various compromising positions. 

And yeah, it’s a Monday and I’m working from home. My blasted legs are staging a coup d’état for having been overworked during Sunday’s City2Surf fun run so I decided to stay at home lest I hurt myself any further.

That’s what you get when you jog for 14km without preparation. The last long-ish run I joined was over 2 years ago, and it was a measly 7K fun run in Bangkok. When I jog or do the treadmill, I always do just around 4 to 5km. Actually, when I joined City2Surf I assumed it was just going to be 7km. So sue me for not reading the flyers and brochures and newsletters. All I knew was it was the world’s largest run and I wanted to be part of it.

Despite the pain though, I do not regret joining it at all, not a bit. It was freakishly fun, the equivalent of a town fiesta in the Philippines, even more. About 85 thousand people joined, and a lot of people dressed up in funny costumes. And spectators along the streets cheered you on, handing out water and Gatorade and lollies. Sometimes around the bend there would be live music and cheerleaders - just to keep you going. It was an awesome event, really. 

In the end, I clocked in at 107 minutes. Give me a break, I was just jogging slash walking.

My time was of course bad because I was mostly just jogging and I would walk to catch my breath, but the thought of burning a lot calories and having fun while at it sits well with me. When the Aussies do a fun run, they really mean fun

I shall return for round 2 next year.

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